Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sisterhood Social: Book or Movie Inspiration

Hiya folks!

Teri here, my turn to host this week's challenge, yeay! As it is a five weeker this month, I am hosting a bit of a social type of challenge.

There have been some fabulous books and movies in the past. Sometimes the movies fail to live up to the books or even do them justice. Sometimes a movie is so captivating you just have to go see it more than once (some recent movies come to mind. . . LOL).

Personally, I have always been 'into' thrillers and murder mysteries. I started reading avidly when I was a teenager, lying in bed 'til way after midnight with my latest library book. Usually it was an Agatha Christie novel, but then I progressed into heavier reading, the likes of Dean Koontz, Richard Laymon and the King of thrillers and horror himself - Stephen King!

Of course this all lead to my liking of horror movies. I used to watch the re-runs of the old Hammer House of Horror movies, with Christopher Lee as Dracula, and Peter Cushing as Van Helsing, ah, those were the days! Trouble is, the Vampyre thing has stayed with me, and I still love a good Vamp movie! I really loved the Gary Oldman version of Dracula, and of course Tom Cruise's Lestat in 'Interview With a Vampire'. Must admit though, I cannot see what all the fuss is about with the Twighlight movies.

My eldest D brought the DVD of New Moon home the other day, and I sat watching it for the first time (didn't see Twilight either!) thinking to myself - OK, so why is everyone so caught up in this? Bit too much of a teenage anxst type of thing for me. I prefer a more mature Vamp myself, he is way to skinny for my taste! LOL. Now if it were Hugh Jackman. . .mmmmmmm!!

So, with all that said, my challenge to you is:

Create something that is inspired by your favourite books or movies, and tell me a bit about why.

And here as a bit of inspiration for you are some fabby samples from my lovely sistahs:

Twilight Love

WOW ladies, what a brilliant job!

I do hope you can all join me and share your favourite books and movies. Can't wait to see what you create for this challenge!! Don't forget, as ever pop your link in with Mr Linky so we can come visit!


  1. WOWSA ... great job sistahs! What wonderful inspiration!

  2. Fabulous projects ladies! Thank you so much for your contributions to my theme this week.
    Can't wait to see what entries we get this time. . .
    Love and hugs to all!!
    Teri xx

  3. OMG my sistahs, look at all this FAB inspiration! You did some of the books and movies that I love the most! I agree Teri, can't wait to see where this one goes!
    Kim xXx

  4. You Girls did such a good job!! I am still LMBO over the Twilight drooling and I should have known that Diane would do a journal for hers. What do you keep in there? The household accounts? giggles......

  5. Thank you for the wonderful challenge, I chose movie for my card. Jane

  6. Love these ladies!! Boni - mine is a daily planner for this year. All I have to say about Twilight is I fell in love with Edward in the books. It's all about the romance, the way he is so old fashion, IDK probably just fills a void in my own life. Oh that's sad isn't it?! ; )

  7. Kim, I have to agree with you about the Twilight series. Give me some real vampires stuff - none of this kissy smoochy stuff LOL!! I too, love to read Dean Koontz and King books!

    Beautiful projects ladies!
    Deanne :)

  8. Wonder job ladies and I will have to say that I'm with Diane, lol. And yes, it's sad.... although I love both Edward and Jake. Which is why my fav is the last book where they ......oops not tellin'. Seeing the movie tomorrow night.

  9. WoW, such FABulous DT samples! I chose the movie, Forrest Gump. Thanks for a fun challenge ... have a great weekend, ladies!

  10. Oh you ladies did such an amazing job!! I love these =)


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