Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Thanks for popping by to check out the next sister....and lucky (or not so lucky) for you, it's me! I'm Tanis Palmer, also known on my personal blog as The Rubbish Master. I'm so glad you're taking this journey with us - and can't wait for our first challenge on the 17th!

Unlike the rest of my sisters in crafting, I've got very little illustrious and decorated crafting experience (read as pretty much none). I went to a free scrapbooking event with a friend about 6 years ago and I've slowly become a collector of all things card & scrapbooking. Just ask my husband, who laughed at my newest Nestabilities purchase that I "had to have" despite having not spent a moment in the craft room for the last few months. HAHA! Well that's about to change, because I have an amazing group of sisters who have some fabulous challenges headed your way and I'm planning on tagging along for the ride (and challenging you a little, too!)


  1. Hi - looking forward to the challenges you ladies set on this blog - counting down!!!

  2. I was so thrilled to see your name on the list with my other favorite Kim S...excited for all of you.

  3. Hi Tanis! So happy to see your smiling face with others that I "know" here! Looking forward to whats in store on this challenge blog!

  4. ok girl no talent? get out.... your cards and other projects I've seen you create is gorgeous!!!!

    As for a collector, hm sounds like you and I are a lot alike, lol. Seen my craft room???

    great picture too!

  5. Little Sisters are the best!! Even if they are a pain! giggles.


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