Monday, March 15, 2010

Challenge Schedule

Now that you've met all the sisters, we'll let you in on what our challenges will be like. We will have a new challenge each Wednesday and a different sister will be in charge each week. Our first challenge starts this week on the 17th, and Darlene will be hosting it. Our first challenge lands on the 3rd Wednesday of the month so it will be "Around the World". Be sure to check back on Wednesday to see what our destination will be! Here is what the rotation will look like each month.

Week One:
Celebrating the Month: Flower/Stone/Meaning/Color
The first Wednesday of the month our challenges will be based around the monthly Birth Stones and their lovely colors, or it may include the various Signs of the Zodiac.

Week Two:
All About Family/Faith
The second Wednesday of the month is devoted to Family and/or Faith. We will have a topic involving one of these that you can create a project around.

Week Three:
Around the World
The third Wednesday we will be visiting different parts of the globe, and you get to do a project geared towards the theme of that country.

Week Four:
Tips, Techniques & Tutorials
The fourth Wednesday we will be sharing a Technique/Tutorial or Tip with all of you, and base our challenge around this.

Week Five:
Sister’s Social
Now as you know, there is sometimes a fifth week in a month, so on this occasion we will invite you all to come and visit with us. The sister in charge that week will have a question to ask or something they want to talk about. We will respond back and forth via the comments section. We may or may not have a challenge involved with that - should be fun!!

We are looking forward to doing challenges with you all and getting to know some new sisters. Thanks for coming along with us for the ride. : )


Ruthie said...

Yay - so much fun - hope to get the chance to join in!


all the days of our life said...

The challenges sound like they are going to be a lot of fun, can't wait.

- - Sheryl - - said...

Wow this sounds like fun. Glad I found your site.