Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Around the World - Germany

Hi Everyone,

This is Micki and I'll be your hostess for this week's challenge. We're going on another trip 'Around The World' traveling to, where else but my birth country of Germany!

Now what does that mean as far as the challenge? Easy, create a card or project that either reminds you of Germany, has the German National Flag colors, German image or just a general German feel. What's the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking of Germany? Maybe this?

And because I do have german sentiments, I added the 'Prost' (meaning cheers) on the inside:

LOL, personally the first thing I think of is how much I miss the food!

Wait til you see what the rest of the Sistah's came up with, it's sure to inspire you!





What did I tell you! I'm definitely homesick right now! Not to mention ..... Thirsty, lol!

So, grab your bags and join us in our 'Trip Around the World' to Germany! Can't wait to see what you guys create!


Kate said...

What great projects - and such a unique challenge! Lovely work everybody!

Diane Davies said...

Micki I love your card! Fabulous!! Sisters you've rocked yet another challenge again. I will be joining you soon, I promise. : )

Unknown said...

Alright sistahs, my bags are packed, when does the plane leave? You all did it again, "Prost!"
Kim xXx

TannyP said...

Oh ladies - you've done some AWESOME work here! Micki...I'm with you - thirsty!

Darlene said...

What amazingly fun creations ladies!! Thanks for all the fun Micki and your card is a hoot! Great challenge!

Lisa B said...

I think we need to have a working "sisterhood" trip to our next destination. That way we can get inspiration for our projects!! I wish!!!

Great jobs Sistahs...but then again you guys always amaze me!